Mind-Boggling Medical History Needs You!



Credit: Sunnymedia Ltd.

Invitation to a drop-in session for ‘Mind-Boggling Medical History’

“Blowing tobacco smoke into the anus of a semi-conscious individual will revive them”… Current medical theory? A disproved practice? Or entirely made-up??

Explore the weirder side of medical history and current practices in health and medicine in this educational game designed to challenge preconceptions about history and show how ideas in medicine change for a variety of reasons.

We are currently working on a pilot set of statements to use for the game, as well as a digitised version of the resource. We’d love to get your thoughts on it and for you tell us how we might improve the game.

We’re looking for people who can spare a bit of time on the 25th October to try the game out and complete a short questionnaire about it. You can drop in anytime between 11am and 1pm.

If you’d like to come along please email: sally.frampton@ell.ox.ac.uk

Refreshments provided!

Mind-Boggling Medical History (MBMH) is a card game developed by Dr Sarah Chaney at the Royal College of Nursing and Dr Sally Frampton at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, and funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC).