The Conversationalist Podcast - Episode 3: 'Volcanoes and Citizen Science at the Royal Society'

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You're invited to join our science-themed cocktail party, where experts on the history of science tell us stories, fun facts, and random anecdotes about the development of scientific knowledge from the 19th century to today!

In this episode, we talk to Royal Society Librarian, Keith Moore, about how the Royal Society crowdsourced information about a 19th century volcanic eruption. Keith takes us on a tour of the Royal Society archive, and at the end of the episode, Chris Thorogood, Head of Science & Public Engagement at the Oxford Botanic Garden, tells us about botanicals and booze.

Interviews with: Keith Moore (Royal Society), Dr Chris Thorogood (Oxford Botanic Garden)
Produced by: Dr Kira Allmann
Music by: Rosemary Allmann

This podcast is brought to you by the Constructing Scientific Communities Project, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.